Act Cadenza Strife 3D (or ACS3D, for short) is a 3D Fighting Game, created by Anibache. As per in-dev spoilers released by Anibache, it is also being referred to as Tales of 3D.

The game was released on December 31, 2012.


To install ACS3D follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the archive file on the wikia's server.
  2. Extract the file "ACS 3D" to a file called ACS3D.
  3. Extract all the sub-archives: "ACS3D", "Battle", "BGM", "Chara", and "System". Ensure that you extract them to ACS3D, and not to a sub-folder (like Battle or BGM et cetera).
  4. Cut-and-paste the Battle, BGM, Chara and System folders into ACS3D>Data.
  5. If necessary: create a shortcut to the desktop.
  6. Open acs3d.exe to play.

If the game contains strange symbols in the menus (like the Config>System menu), change your computer's local to Japanese. To do this go to the Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region>Region and Language>Administrative>Change System Locale>Japanese (Japan). Then accept and restart.

ACS3D How to download and install ACS3D (v.0

ACS3D How to download and install ACS3D (v.0.801)

ACS3D installation guide courtesy of Kratos1991.


Currently, ACS3D has six characters:

  • Luke fone Fabre
  • Schwann Oltorain
  • Lloyd Irving
  • Rid Hershel
  • Cress Albane
  • Veigue Lungberg

To view more information about each character, view their respective ACS3D pages via the Playable Characters page.





Option Setting
Difficulty Easy, Normal, Hard, Mania, Unknown
Message Speed Slow, Normal, Fast, Immediate
Message Scroll Manual, Automatic
Sound Effects Volume Min <---> Max
BGM Volume Min <---> Max
Input Delay Min <---> Max
Arte Input Method

(Currently Disfunctional)

Command Method, Original Method
Button Config Configure
Number of Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
test Automatic, Manual
Camera Distance Closest, Near, Normal, Far, Farthest
Network Fights Off, On
Network Delay Auto, 3, 4, 5, 6
Debug Mode Off, On

When exiting the config menu, you will be prompted on whether or not the changes should be saved. The top option is "yes," the bottom option is "no."


In March 2012, at least two Japanese Youtube members received alphadev versions of ACS3D, and two separate videos of the game were leaked onto Youtube.

So far, it appears that Luke Fon Fabre has been almost fully developed, along with preset camera panning emphasizing his FOF-based arte Shuusouraizan, and his Hi-Ougi, Radiant Howl.

ACS3D テスト

ACS3D テスト

【ACS】3DVER 2012315

【ACS】3DVER 2012315

In October 2012, a video of ACS3D's second closed-alpha was leaked onto YouTube. The video shows the layout of several menus, equipment, stages, and gameplay concerning Veigue Lungberg and Cress Albane. So far, the video demonstrates that there are only four completed characters, and demonstrates their Hi Ougi's: Celsius Caliber and Dark Blade.

【ACS】3DVER 20121021

【ACS】3DVER 20121021

【ACS】3DVER 20121021-2 (from niconico)

【ACS】3DVER 20121021-2 (from niconico)

File:ACS 3D Luke Fone Fabre VS Rid Hershel Battle Gameplay (Alpha Version)-0-1
  • Luke fon Fabre attacking Eugene Gallardo
  • Luke fon Fabre performing a combo
  • Rid Hershel and Luke fon Fabre cross blades
  • "Options" menu
  • Arte Input Settings screen
  • List of available AD Skills
  • "Arte Skills" menu.
  • "Equip" menu. Items are: Cutlass, Hard Mail, Attack Ring.
  • Status screen. Rid can be seen in the background.
  • Equipped Attachments increase certain stats.
  • Cless Alvein uses Demon Fang against Luke fon Fabre.
  • Cless Alvein attacks Luke Fon Fabre with Rising Phoenix.
  • Cless Alvein uses Meikuu Zanshouken (Dark Blade) against Reid Herschel.
  • Veigue attacks Cless.
  • Veigue uses his Mystic Arte "Celsius Caliber".
  • An unknown boss character. It's been confimed that this character will be a new one who wasn't in ACS.
  • An Unknown Boss Attacking Reid Herschel
  • Story Mode - Decision
  • Lloyd Irving uses Rising Falcon.
  • Lloyd Irving uses his Mystic Arte (Falcon's Crest)