ACS - Playable Characters

Playable Characters (PC's) are tales of characters whose actions the players have control over in the game. In ACS, there are 36 supported PC's, and 2 unsupported (beta) PC.

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Luke fon FabreJade CurtissAnise TatlinGuy CecilSynch & Six God-GeneralsGelda NebilimKakashi ScarecrowYuri LowellJudithLloyd IrvingCollet BrunelZelos WilderPresea CombatirRegal BryanKratos AurionKlarth F. LesterSuzu FujibayashiDhaosAsbel LhantSophie LhantStan AileronLion MagnusLyris AileronMary AgentHugo GilchristNanaly FletchBarbatos GoetiaShing MeteoryteKohak HeartsRicardo Soldato & Iria AnimiRid HershelFog, Chat, & RaceShizelChloe ValensEugene GallardoHilda RhamblingImg map
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ACS3D - Playable Characters

So far in ACS3D, there are 6 supported PC's.

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Luke fon FabreSchwann OltorainLloyd IrvingCless AlveinRid HershelVeigue LungbergCharSelectACS3D2
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