Chester using Taiga.

Chester Barklight (チェスター・バークライト, Chesutaa Baakuraito) is one of the main characters in Tales of Phantasia.

Chester is a hunter from the village of Toltus and is Cless Alvein's best friend. Despite his frequent squabbles with Arche Klein, he is a good person overall an treats her nicely but does not openly show it to her. In battle, Chester uses bows and is mainly a long range fighter that covers allied front liners.

He appears as support for Suzu Fujibayashi and can use 2 of his artes in ACS.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)Edit

Assistant Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Aerial Power Requirements and Notes
Chester Barklight Shinten
(Wild Rain)
← D - 8

(At most)

No 5

(per hit)

  • TP.
Chester Barklight Taiga
(Giga Fang)
→ D - 1 No 20
  • TP.

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