Prism Bullet

Regret about to use Prism Bullet.

Regret of the Magic Bullets (魔弾のリグレット Madan no Riguretto), known localized as Legretta the Quick, is one of the Six God-Generals from Tales of the Abyss and is a cameo support character in ACS.

Regret was Tear Grants' immediate superior and teacher. She treasures her relationship with Tear as if they were sisters but follows Van Grants' ideals due to her unrequitted love for him. In battle, Regret is a fast and powerful person equiped with dual fonic pistols. She can also cast light elemental spells which are similar to Tear Grants' spells.

Regret can use six artes and one Mystic Arte in ACS as a support for Synch & Six God-Generals. This is a total of seven artes, making Regret the cameo character in ACS with the most artes.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)Edit

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements and Notes
Synch Eclair Larme
(Eclair de Larmes)
↓ ← → B Light 6 21


Synch Searing Sorrow
→ ↓ ← C Fire 6 49


Synch Divine Field
↓ ↓ B - 4
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP
Synch Rune's Tear
(Grieving Rune)
↓ ← E - 4
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP
  • Creates a sphere that damages opponent(s) for a short time.
  • Hits made by this arte are not chained.
Synch Tear Bright
(Bright Tear)
↓ ← E Light 4
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP
  • Overlimit
  • Creates 4 falling spheres that damage opponent(s) for a short time.
Synch Rage Laser
↓ → E Light 5 40
  • TP
  • Overlimit

Mystic Artes (秘奥義 - Hi Ougi)Edit

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements and Notes
Synch Prism Bullet
(Prism Ballet)
↓ → ← E - 18 134
  • TP

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