Rita casting Fire Ball

Rita Mordio (リタ・モルディオ Rita Morudio) is a spell caster from Tales of Vesperia and is a cameo support character in ACS.

Rita is a mage and a blastia enthusiast. She is very intelligent and loves to immerse herself in her blastia research. She maintains a good friendly relationship with Estelle and the rest of the Vesperia cast despite her poor social skills. Rita wields scrolls for physical attacks and uses books for casting her powerful elemental spells.

Rita can use two artes in ACS as a support for Judith.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)Edit

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements and Notes

Fire Ball

← F - 10
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP
  • Number of hits is random
Judith Gold Cats

(Gold Cat)

→ F - 24
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP

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