This article is about the Schwan Oltrain support character in ACS. For the playable character in ACS's successor, see Schwan Oltrain (ACS3D).

Schwan about to use Shion no Itachi.

Schwan Oltrain (シュヴァーン・オルトレイン Shuvaan Orutorein), or Schwann Oltorain, is the actual persona of Raven and acts a cameo support character for the secret boss Alexei Dinoia.

He is able to use one arte in ACS.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)Edit

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements and Notes
Alexei Dinoia Shion no Itachi
(Violet Weasel)
- - 1 17
  • Non-playable; This arte is a CPU exclusive.

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