Sheena manjushage

Shihna using Manjushage

Shihna Fujibayashi (藤林しいな Fujibayashi Shiina), known localized as Sheena Fujibayashi, is a Cameo Support appearance for the characters Zelos Wilder and Kratos Aurion. She is a ninja from the hidden village of Mizuho that has the power of making pacts with the Summon Spirits. She is also repeatedly harassed by Zelos.

She appears during 4 artes in ACS. The support artes are from unused voice files in Tales of Symphonia, not brought into the game because the main weapon of Sheena are summon cards. Her rival Kuchinawa, however, had the ability to use these artes during his brawl with Sheena, during the time their English names represented their original Japanese pronunciation (instead of "Flare Raid" and "Merciless Thunder", which were introduced in the Radiant Mythology series).

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)Edit

Users Image Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power
Kratos Aurion
Zelos Wilder
ShihnaManjushage Manjushage
→ D Fire 2 16
  • Requires TP.
Kratos Aurion
Zelos Wilder
ShihnaRaiden Raiden
← D Wind 2 17 (Kratos)
19 (Zelos)
  • Requires TP.

Special Artes (特別義 - Tokubetsugi)Edit

User Image Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power
Kratos Aurion KratosZanmaKuugashou Zanma Kuugashou
(Power Thrust)
→ ← → E - 1 90
  • Requires TP.
Zelos Wilder 150px Genma Kuugashou
(Mirage Thrust)
→ ← → E - 1 80
  • Requires TP.